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We start from where you are and I help you to achieve the goal you want to reach.

Born ready 

This training program is tailor made for your needs. Exercises with your own body weight help you to improve your coordination, increase your strength, endurance, speed and mobility.

Personal Coaching
TRX Training

Challenge accepted


Training with the help of the sling / strap trainer TRX makes your workout even more efficient. The entire muscle chains are strengthened with these movements. By training inter- and intramuscular coordination, your body is optimally prepared for all functional movements of everyday life and improving your athletic performance.

Personal Coaching
TRX Traning

There is no bad Weather, only bad excuses


What could be nicer than doing sports outside? We meet at the Vitapacours in Affoltern am Albis.


Tuesday 12:15

Outdoor Training
Outdoor Training
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