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Pilates is a holistic training Concept that was funded by Joseph H. Pilates. We are building on the body’s core stability, strengthening your core, coordination and concentration with different exercises. This takes care of your perfect body posture and supports you in all functional movements in your everyday life and improves your athletic performance. The exercises are suitable for any skill level, both for beginners and more advanced trainees of any gender.

The Power from the Core


The systematic full-body training primarily strengthens the deep abdominal muscles, the muscles of the pelvic floor and the muscles surrounding the spine, the so-called «Powerhouse». The workout includes strengthening exercises, stretching and conscious breathing.

Pilates Mat
Pilates klassisch
Pilates TRX

Challenge your Core


Pilates in connection with the sling / strap trainer TRX takes your workout to another level. This way you can increase your strength, core stability, balance and mobility even more.

Pilates TRX
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